Robert Drake, USAW Coach  

Vasily Polovnikov, Erin Drake at CrossFit Durham June 2016

The sport of weightlifting in the USA is under appreciated!  As a newcomer to the sport since 2012, my esteem of good lifting has inspired me to build this wonderful facility.     

As a former competitive gymnast, cheerleader, and globo gym goer, I began Olympic Weightlifting as  a result of finding the sport of CrossFit. But I really  loved learning more about the sport of Olympic Lifting.  After getting my Level 1 CrossFit Instructor certification I pursued the education offered by USAW and passed their Level 1 Sport Performance Coach test, taught by 1992 Olympic Coach Roger Nielsen, in October 2012.  

My pursuit of quality education and instruction from the sport's experts such as Glenn Pendlay and James Tatum in 2013, Greg Everett and Catalyst Athletics in 2014 brought me to my next endeavor of becoming a Local Area Referee in 2014.  Training athletes in my garage gym at home, enabled me to develop my programming and instruction of the classic lifts and thus began the planning stages of the ultimate lifting gym for the Raleigh area. 


The ultimate garage gym. 

Garage Session 2016

Erin Drake 

USAW Club #13040


USAW Advanced Sport Performance Coach (2015) 

USAW Club Coach (2015)
USAW Local Referee (2014) 
Catalyst Athletics Coaching Seminar (2014, 2016) 

Olympic Lifting Seminar with Glenn Pendlay and James Tatum (2013) 

USAW Sport Performance Coach (2012)

The Movement Fix Coach Course from Dr. Ryan DeBell (2014) 
CrossFit Level 2 Certificate (2015) 

CrossFit Endurance Training Course

CrossFit Gymnastics Course

​CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2012)

Erin Drake with Ursula Garza  at Catalyst Athletics Coaching Seminar, Allen TX. March 2016

Coach and Athlete, Kirstin Shaffer 69kg, at Athletic Lab Winter Open 2016. 

Robert Drake with Greg Everett, Allen TX 

With Erin Drake at IWF World Championships 2015

Robert Drake and Glen Pendlay, June 2016